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We had a very simple Easter plan: we’re staying in Barcelona, we are alone, no one comes to visit … we don’t clean, we don’t cook, we go to the beach, but … the closer to Easter the more we thought: “Do we really want to do that?” And because the Polish church is quite close to us, and we have not really accidentally discovered that on Holy Saturday they will do the traditional blessing of Easter baskets (it’s a Polish tradition to bless samples of food that will be eaten on Easter breakfast:…

On Saturday morning we set out to look for baskets, bunnies and chickens. It quickly turned out that in the “havingitall ” Chinese shops (idea of ​​a Chinese shop in Spain is a story for quite a separate post) selection of baskets and other Eastery decoration is almost nonexistent. We went around four shops and finally found a pretty decent basket and the ugliest three chickens in the area. We dyed our eggs in curry and tea (that’s definitely not a Polish tradition, but since there was no egg coloring..) w added a piece of baguette, fuet, a little bit of salt and muffin instead of the traditional lamb-shaped cake.

The church was filled in with billions of very Spanish-like Polish kids;). We could barely hear what the priest was saying, but… we could clearly hear and see what was in other people’s baskets 😉 AND… Right after the blessing we rushed to the market and to the Polish shop. Our tiny kitchen worked like crazy until late in the evening! And the effects? How about this: Easter baba (brioche-like yeast cake) – checked, pate – checked , pork roulade with dried prunes – checked and even the traditional vegetable salad – checked!


Easter was not canceled in the end! Although we did go to the beach;)

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